Actuators are critical for turbine operation parameters. The use of Diakont roller screw actuators enables to improve efficiency of turbine control, simplify a control system and reduce maintenance requirements.    

Electric actuator instead of hydraulics

As turbomachinery controls progress, more and more manufacturers evaluate the advantages of electric actuators compared to hydraulic controls. Replacing hydraulics with electric actuator provides:

  • Simplification of the control system, elimination of accessory equipment (hydraulic pump, oil tank, oil filtering, pipelines, etc.)
  • Improvement of control quality - reduced overshoot and hysteresis
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Increased fire safety due to the absence of the risk of oil leakage and fire
  • Easier implementation of positioning based on a given control signal, with high position accuracy and repeatability under load
  • Environmental friendliness

For our customer – a manufacturer of gas turbines, we made it possible to perform actuators service only once in 4 years.

Easier maintenance and longer lifetime

Roller screw actuators require only one type of maintenance — replacement of grease in a roller screw mechanism. Based on internal tests, grease types that ensure the longest periods between services (grease replacement) ware selected.

Roller screw actuator in the most advanced solution when long lifetime is required. Compared to ball screw, roller screw mechanism used in Diakont actuators provides longer lifetime with the same overall dimensions due to more even load distribution on kinematic elements.

Proven equipment for various types of turbines

Diakont provides roller screw actuators for various turbine control applications:

  • Steam turbines
  • Gas turbines
  • Water turbines

Complete solutions for operation in hazardous environment

Diakont actuators for operation in hazardous environments (explosion-proof) are being successfully used along with control units in explosion-proof housing for inlet guide vane (IGV) and nozzle guide vane (NGV) control applications on gas turbines. An actuator along with a control unit is a ready-made, proven solution for gas turbine actuation. Specialized models of explosion-proof actuators and control units are certified for operation in explosion-proof environment. Certificates include ATEX, IECEx, TR CU and NEC. 

Reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions

Diakont vibration-resistant electric actuators are designed specifically for operation in harsh environmental conditions and are ideal for applications on steam and gas turbines where high output forces, positioning accuracy, minimal maintenance, long service life and maximum safety are required. These characteristics are ensured by design solutions and manufacturing technology and are confirmed by a full set of tests. Diakont actuators were tested in the cold and heat chamber, have passed explosion tests, vibration and shock tests, etc.

Direct control and pilot valve control

In steam turbines, roller-screw actuators are used for both direct positioning of turbine control valve and positioning of a pilot valve in turbine hydraulic control system. The advantages of electric actuators are most evident in direct control application, but the use of electric actuator for pilot valve control also makes sense, for example, to modernize the existing hydraulic control system in order to improve the quality of control, and, accordingly, the efficiency of the turbine. Diakont actuators are being used for both applications by leading turbine manufacturers and modernizers in different parts of the world.

Customization to comply the strictest requirements

Wide choice of available actuator options, including motor and feedback sensor redundancy, manual override, failsafe unit and others, allows our actuators to comply the requirements for the most critical and technically demanding applications.

Diakont serially manufactures specialized servo drives for turbine applications. An actuator with Diakont made DDIA servo drive is a completely ready-made solution for steam turbine valve control. DDIA drive is perfectly suitable steam turbines due to the extended temperature range, specialized software package and other features. DDIA software has a graphical interface, a remote operator's workplace and extensive diagnostic capabilities and settings of the actuator operation parameters.

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