DA 99 Welding Actuator

Heavy-duty servo actuator for spot welding and other industrial applications

DA99 series roller screw servo actuator is a time proven solution for robotized welding guns (more than 6000 pcs in operation). A powerful 10-pole synchronuous motor, in-house designed and manufactured roller screw and special features ensure high performance, protection against water and welding sludge (IP65) and long service life.

DA99s are compatible with most of industrial robots and control systems, and can be easily installed in any type and model of welding guns. A wide range of options allow to configure the most suitable servo actuator for specific welding cell requirements.

Model DA99-W25 DA99-W212
Peak force 22 000 N 10 000 N
Max. speed 300 mm/s 750 mm/s
Stroke 170 mm (option 240 mm) 170 mm (option 240 mm)
Screw lead 5 mm/rev 12.5 mm/rev
Dynamic load rating 56 000 N 30 000 N
Basic dimensions 99x99mm (cross section),
362 mm (length)
99x99mm (cross section),
362 mm (length)
Force repeatability ±3% ±3%
Base weight 14.5 kg 14.5 kg
Protection level IP65 IP65
Ambience temperature range 0 to +50°C 0 to +50°C
Service life 25+ million weld cycles 25+ million weld cycles
Maintenance grease adding once in 15 million cycles grease adding once in 15 million cycles
Mounting front flange / trunnions / side mounting front flange / trunnions / side mounting
Feedback sensor depends on robot type: resolver or absolute encoder depends on robot type: resolver or absolute encoder
Voltage 230V or 400V 230V or 400V
Force sensor
Built-in force sensor tracks direct value of the force generated by servo actuator. Force signal may be generated in the digital or analog form (0..10V).
Electric brake
In order to provide additional gun arms fixation when power supply is off, servo actuator may be equipped with a brake preventing arms displacement caused by gravity. Long-armed guns with substantial weight may require this option.
Built-in water cooling

Built-in water cooling circuit enables high performance in the most intense applications with heavy-duty welding cycles (up to 65 welds per minute with 6 kN pressure on the electrodes).

DA99 with water cooling.png
Built-in Anti-Rotation
Built-in anti-rotation is applied when C-type welding gun design does not have a linear guide for moveable electrode. Apart from competitors solutions based on hex rod or rod with flats, Diakont solution upholds cylindrical form of the rod, which provides reliable sealing preventing dust, sludge and water ingress.
Radial Load Support
For applications with increased radial forces affecting the actuator rod Diakont has developed a solution allowing higher side loads of up to 1000 N
Manual drive

Manual drive option for the electromechanical actuator is designed to facilitate set up processes while power is off when welding gun design does not allow to extend/retract the actuator rod by its direct screwing/unscrewing (for example, when the rod is firmly attached to moveable machine mechanisms).

In this case it is possible to perform tuning of the rod position by applying a wrench towards the manual drive nut in the rear part of the actuator housing.

Robot Controller Supply Voltage Robot Controller Model Robot Control Software
ABB 400 VAC IRC 5 Robot Ware 5, Robot Ware 6
Robot Studio
FANUC 230 VAC (40A or 80A drive) R-30iA

R-30iB Plus
Manual tuning is avaliable (contact Diakont)
from V8.20P/43
from V9.10P/16
KUKA 400/380 VAC
(for other voltages contact Diakont)
KR C4/KR C5 KSS 8.3 and higher
Add-ons: Torque Control 4.1 and ServoGunBasic 1.0 / 3.0 / 3.1
Kuka System Software: from KSS 8.6 Add-ons: ServoGun Basic 3.1 and newer
Yaskawa 230 VAC YRC-1000
from YAS2.71.00A
from DN2.08.00A
Kawasaki 230 VAC E52G-A021,
E42 (series E2X, E3X, E4X, E5X)
Comau 400 VAC C5G,

C5G Plus
Motor file is avaliable (contact Diakont)
from 4.11.007
Nachi 230 VAC FD11 controller with ROX xx2x drive (any ROX drive with third digit = "2")
Hyundai 230 VAC Hi5a-S

1.High performance & welding quality
High speed and acceleration of Diakont electric actuators allow to reduce the time of welding gun opening and closing. A specially designed 10-pole synchronous motor allows performing more welding spots without overheating compared with competitors. DA99 Diakont actuator can make 30 welds/minute at high force without need for additional cooling.

2.Robust design and reliability
The special in-house design and manufacturing of Diakont actuators and its components, from roller-screw to the housing allows to keep the quality at high level ensuring stable operation even at stressful requirements.

3.Best-in-class lifetime
Integrated and robust design of Diakont roller-screws and special know-how technologies of metal hardening provide our products with exquisite lifetime characteristics capable of bearing over 30 million weld cycles.

4.Simple maintenance
Diakont servo actuators save time on maintenance not only because of their high quality and reliability. Such a simple procedure as grease adding can also be done very easy through a zerk on the housing and requires to be done only once in 15 million cycles.

Customized solutions

Do you have questions about our solutions or need personal advice? Take advantage of our many years of experience, the high technical competence of our team and our wide range of services.