Production automation

In modern production automation tasks linear motion is widely demanded, for example in industrial manufacturing, packaging, food industry or anything else. Diakont has developed a product line of actuators for applications which require positioning of working mechanisms at long strokes, high speed & precision and simple control.
Practically all production companies use electromechanical actuators to automatize their processes

Processes which can be automated by electric actuators, are very

wide, from moving production machinery parts or processed 

product on the conveyor belt to positioning of transport 

equipment parts, medical equipment etc.

Production equipment manufacturers rely on the following advantages qualities of electric actuators to ensure great quality of their equipment

Fast motion

Accurate positioning

Long lifetime

Simple setup


Compact design

Diakont actuators for production automation

Smart actuators for automation application with embedded servo drive on board

Max force: 500 N
Max speed: 500 mm/s at 5 mm/rev pitch
Frame size: 45x45 mm

What are the advantages of DA45 linear actuator?
High accuracy of positioning

For correct fulfillment of motion operations high positioning accuracy is crucial. 

DA45 design allows to achieve the accuracy of the rod motion up to 0.1 mm positioning accuracy.

0.1 mm

positioning accuracy

Long lifetime

In order to provide reliable and non-stop operation of customer’s machinery, DA45 was designed
and tested to have substantial safety margin, which allows 14500 km of motion at 300 N load

5000 km

at 300N load

High actuation speed

Depending on the requirements of customers application, various max loads and speed may be chosen from
the options of DA45. Max speed in the current configuration at 5 mm/rev screw pitch is 500 mm/s

500 mm/s

max speed

Built-in servo drive

For the convenience of set up Diakont DA45 electric servo actuator is equipped with a very compact servo drive, which is built-in in the actuator housing. It has Ethernet IP communication protocol.

Compact dimensions

DA45 has very compact dimensions even with a built-in servo drive and an optional brake. It makes it’s very easy to integrate into all kinds of industrial machinery, conveyor belts, transport and any other designs.

Modular design

One of the key advantages of DA45 product line is the modular design. The idea is simple: The motor, feedback sensor, built-in servo drive and optional brake are all placed in the same module, which is called “motor module”. The motor module can be connected to any type of the moving rod module or rodless actuation module depending on every application specific requirements.

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