Resistance spot welding

Resistance spot welding is one of the most efficient joining technologies in the automotive industry, where high repeatability and the ability to automate are must-to-haves in metal joining processes.

Application of roller screw actuators of our own design and robotized technologies for their manufacturing allows Diakont to provide stable quality and unsurpassed reliability of the manufactured servo actuators at the best market price
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Diakont welding actuators are recognized by worlds automotive OEMs and Tier-1s for their benefits:
High performance & welding quality

High speed and acceleration of Diakont electric actuators allow to reduce the time of welding gun opening and closing. A specially designed 10-pole synchronous motor allows performing more welding spots without overheating compared with competitors. DA99 Diakont actuator can make 30 welds/minute at high force without need for additional cooling.

Robust design and reliability

The special in-house design and manufacturing of Diakont actuators and its components, from roller-screw to the housing allows to keep the quality at high level ensuring stable operation even at stressful requirements. Protective features such as triple sealing provide additional advantages.

Best-in-class lifetime

Integrated and robust design of Diakont roller-screws and special know-how technologies of metal hardening provide our products with exquisite lifetime characteristics capable of bearing over 30 million weld cycles.

Simple maintenance

Diakont servo actuators save time on maintenance not only because of their high quality and reliability. Such a simple procedure as grease adding can also be done very easy through a zerk on the housing and requires to be done only once in 15 million cycles.

Long lifetime, high performance and easy maintenance make Diakont actuators highly cost-effective while reducing equipment payback time and providing lower cost of welding process
Diakont actuators for spot welding are presented by 3 product lines:
Heavy-duty welding actuators for regular welding guns
Max force: 22 kN
Max speed: 750 mm/s
Frame size: 99x99 mm
Compact welding actuators for ultra-light weld guns
Max force: 13 kN
Max speed: 650 mm/s
Frame size: 78x78 mm
Technological Welding Complex
Solution to increase stability of welding quality and productivity based on force sensors data, 2 actuators and digital twin controller
Quality of Diakont welding actuators is approved by tests:
Force Repeatability test of Diakont actuators

Force repeatability directly impact consistency of welding quality and is influenced by a number of factors, specific to spot-welding applications

Force repeatability ±1.5%

  • Variability of the actuator motor torque, arises when the electrode force requirement changes, due to cap wear and thickness of the material being welded
  • Housing temperature; specially grease temperature
  • Robot controller type

  • Speed of electrode contact with the metal sheet. The lower the wedding force, the stronger the influence of electrode contact speed
  • Presence of water cooling directly on actuator
  • Degree of the welding gun deflection

Typical force variation characteristic as the actuator heats up to a steady-state temperature, is shown in the graph below:

High capacity Diakont servo actuators with 5 mm/rev pitch provides consistent, repeatable force not only at weld force but also at tip dressing force:

Performance tests of Diakont actuators
Stress tests

Stress tests were conducted with Diakont actuators, which showed a possibility to make up to 30 welds/min with 0.5 s welding pressure @5kN without additional cooling. It can be seen from the temperature analysis image that the hottest spot on the housing didn’t exceed 60℃ during this test.

Sizing Tool

For the convenience of customers Diakont has developed a Sizing Tool – software which calculates actuators performance at designated weld cycle parameters. It is possible to see which actuator models fit the requirements of the specific welding cycle. Sizing Tool is based on Diakont in-house developed CAD software and lab verification tests

Reliability and protection verification testing

Actuator housing provides secure protection from contamination and water ingress. Smooth cylindrical rod goes through multiple sealing, while rod scraper prevents sealing from damaging by welding sludge. Thanks to these features, Diakont actuators provide reliable perform ance even when actuator is installed vertically, when water emerged during change of welding caps flows directly onto actuator. A special test bench with a constant water flow against the actuator was assembled to verify absence of any water leakages inside of the actuator.

Diakont actuators can safely operate in a vertical position unlike competitors’ solutions

Lifetime verification testing

Over several years Diakont has conducted several endurance tests at specially designed test benches imitating operation at real spot welding guns with duty cycles involving maximal pressing force. The aim of the tests was to verify whether all the components are robust enough to withstand the lifetime requirements even at maximal duty cycles. During the tests no special maintenance or refurbishment was conducted.

Results of some of the tests which were conducted are listed in the table below:

Diakont actuators have a unified design and universal compatibility with equipment manufacturers
Unified design for all weld gun brands

Unified design of Diakont allows compatibility with all major weld gun models without a need for specific modifications and longer lead times as a results. The housing and mounting dimensions fit to majority of X- and C- weld gun configurations.

Compatibility with all robots

Diakont has completed integration with all major robot manufacturing brands, which means that our actuators have verified performance and setting with control systems of these robots. For each robot actuators are equipped with corresponding position feedback sensors.

Unified design of Diakont spot welding actuators allows to make production planning more efficiently and provide shorter lead times for our customers
Diakont actuators at X-Peng Modern Manufacturing Center, China
Diakont actuators at X-Peng Modern Manufacturing Center, China

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