DA 140 Ex

for operation in hazardous location

DA140 explosion-proof roller-screw actuators provide high force and are capable for operation in a variety of applications on turbines located in hazardous environment. It is applicable for gas turbines and steam turbines that operate in oil & gas, petrochemical and other industries where turbines are located in hazardous area.
Turbine actuators in hazardous area work under heat and vibration impacts. DA140 actuator was designed to ensure reliable operation in such a harsh environment. Diakont have supplied actuators capable to operate under vibration load up to 10 g (from 10 to 500 Hz) and higher.
Parametr Value
Rated force 36 000 N
Peak force (for 1 second) 60 000 N
Dynamic load rating 114 000 N
Rated speed 100 mm/sec
Stroke 198 mm
Mounting type Trunnions (options available)
Supply voltage 400 VAC
Rated power 2.8 KW
Feedback sensor Resolver
Backlash 0.15 mm
Kinematic accuracy of linear displacement 0.025 mm
Ambient temperature -40°С…+120°С
Humidity Up to 100%
Ingress protection IP65
Weight 55 kg (with front flange mounting)
Hazardous location class Ex db IIC T3 (-40°C < Tamb < +120°C) Gb
Ex db IIC T4 (-40°C < Tamb < +60°C) Gb
Ex h IIC T3/T4

• Long lifetime

• High positioning accuracy

• Minimum maintenance

• Wide customization possibilities

• Robustness to external factors

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