Diakont expands its actuators service and sales in China

In 2022 Diakont made a further step in extension of its presence in China. We started our cooperation with a local partner called SM-Power. The cooperation started as way to support some of local projects where local expertise was required and grew into forming a partnership in developing Diakont roller-screw actuators’ business in Chinese market.

Diakont has started to cooperate with a local Chinese agent – SM-Power to provide better lead times, technical and sales support to its customers

SM-Power is a local Chinese manufacturer of electromechanical ball-screw actuators, so it possesses the required expertise and technical competence for cooperation with Diakont in its business and product development.

SM-Power team will be responsible for local marketing activities of Diakont products, gathering feedback from ongoing projects and trial activities in new fields of business and technical support for commissioning of new projects and support of existing ones. SM-Power facilities are well-equipped for conducting diagnostics of Diakont actuators as well as performing some technical service operations, such as encoder replacement, maintenance etc. Besides, a local warehouse of most demanded actuator models as well as spare parts are being organized as well. Having such a partner will make it possible for Diakont to provide better support for its customers, act promptly when our expertise is needed and eventually shorten lead times for our products.

Common plans of SM-Power and Diakont for 2023 include increasing the quality of customer support, expansion of Diakont presence in Internet and participation in most important industry trade shows.

Service room for actuators maintenance in SM-Power facility, China
Manufacturing machines for ball-screw actuators in SM-Power facility, China
Manufacturing machines for ball-screw actuators in SM-Power facility, China