Diakont actuators shown at Hyundai exhibition

In October 2022 Hyundai Motor Company in Korea presented its latest technologies in achievements both on the products side as well as in manufacturing technologies. This even annual event is held in Seoul and allows to demonstrate to the society how HMC develops and advances in its progress. Overall there are 10 000 visitors per day during this exhibition.

Diakont actuators were shown in Hyundai annual technological exhibition with Nawootec weld gun maker

One of the exhibiting partners of Hyundai in the manufacturing area was Nawootec company, which provides a variety of welding and material joining solutions for automotive industry in Korea and other countries of the world. This year Nawootec showed its latest solutions for robotic spot welding, including a product line of welding guns for aluminum welding. The focus was made on the imporoved performance and quality of welding spots which was possible to achieve with Diakont DA99 welding actuators. Nawootec presented results of welding quality tests at various aluminum welding plates samples and the welding gun equipped with Diakont actuator. Besides, videos of Nawootec guns with Diakont actuators in real automotive projects were showed to the visitors.

Nawootec and Diakont started their partnership in 2020 and have been developing and evolving their technological and project cooperation since that.