DA 99

Electromechanical servo actuator DA99 is a good solution for microinjection molding for several reasons. First of all, the robust design of roller-screw provides a very long lifetime. Secondly, it provides very precise motion that enables accurate positioning of the injection plunger and ability to manufacture thing-walled parts of 0.02 mm thickness, which is not possible when using hydraulic cylinders. Lastly, it is much simpler to set up and make retuning for various working modes and allows more sophisticated duty cycle settings.
Model DA99-W25 DA99-W212
Peak force 22 000 N 10 000 N
Max. speed 300 mm/s 750 mm/s
Stroke 170 mm (option 240 mm) 170 mm (option 240 mm)
Screw lead 5 mm/rev 12.5 mm/rev
Dynamic load rating 56 000 N 30 000 N
Basic dimensions 99x99mm (cross section),
362 mm (length)
99x99mm (cross section),
362 mm (length)
Force repeatability ±3% ±3%
Base weight 13.2 kg 13.2 kg
Protection level IP65 IP65
Ambience temperature range 0 to +50°C 0 to +50°C
Service life 25+ million weld cycles 25+ million weld cycles
Maintenance grease adding once in 15 million cycles grease adding once in 15 million cycles
Mounting front flange / trunnions / side mounting front flange / trunnions / side mounting
Feedback sensor resolver or absolute encoder resolver or absolute encoder
Voltage 230V or 400V 230V or 400V

1. Long lifetime
Robust design of the actuator and high-quality of Diakont roller-screw provide long lifetime even in demanding requirements of duty cycles for plastic injection.

2.Precision of injection
Highly accurate position of the actuator rod allows to manufacture thin-walled parts of 0.02 mm thickness, which is not possible when using hydraulic solutions.

3.Absolute encoder of high resolution
DA99 is equipped with high resolution encoder which allows for even higher precision of motion and high level of control over its operation.

4.Ease of setup and flexibility of operation
Electromechanical actuators allow easy retuning of working modes and higher flexibility and choice of working cycles to satisfy various requirements of the customers.

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