DA 108

Expands the capabilities of hot runner systems

DA108 is a compact electric actuator for gate valves of hot runner systems. The actuator is designed for medium or large gates with a pin up to 10 mm.  High force, speed  and precision in a compact design with a hollow rod of DA108 allows to create highly competitive electric hot runners for sequential gating,  family mold and multicomponent co-injection.         
Parametr Value
Peak force 5000 N
Max. speed 80 mm/s
Stroke 18 mm
Repeatability 0.01 mm
Base dimensions 108x108x90.5
Base weight3.6 kg
Protection level IP54
Ambience temperature range
up to 360°C
Service life
1+ million cycles
Lifetime lubrication
built-in water cooling
Feedback sensor
absolute encoder
230 V
Built-in water cooling
Built-in water cooling allows safe performance of the actuator installed in extremely hot areas, where temperatures of the manifold reach up to 360°C due to the melted plastic.
Hollow shaft for easy pin replacement
This option allows for pin replacement through the hollow shaft without actuator dismounting, which makes the process as easy as in alternative hydraulic solutions.
Single connector cable

Optional single interference-resistant cable connection simplifies mounting of DA108 actuators saving space in the manifold and costs for the mounting.

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