DA 99-D22

Electric actuator for dosing shot-meters

DA99 actuators have proven themselves for positioning the plunger of adhesive and sealant dosing units. The compact and high-precision DA99 roller screw actuators are capable of delivering forces up to 24 kN. The optimized roller screw design and hardening technology ensure high reliability and long service life of the actuator.        
Parametr Value
Rated force 13 000 N
Peak force (for 1 second) 24 000 N
Dynamic load rating 56 000 N
Max. speed 125 mm/sec
Stroke 190 mm
Screw lead
2.5 mm/rev
Base dimensions
99x99mm (cross section), 350 mm (length)
Base weight
13 kg
Protection level
Ambience temperature range
0 to +50°C
grease adding through lubrication port
front flange / side mounting
Feedback sensor
absolute encoder
400 V
Actuator rod as a plunger
For dosing units, which operate in conditions, where compact dimensions are important, it is possible to make the actuator rod to serve as a dosing plunger. With the internal antirotation and triple sealing of the actuator, it makes possible to eliminate the need for external antirotation mechanism.
Digital nameplate
Diakont dosing actuator has a "digital nameplate", which contains the serial number and settings that can be automatically recognized by customer's control system. This feature enables "plug-n-play" mode: connection and replacement of the actuator without need to adjust the settings of the control system.
Grease nipple for simple maintenance

Thanks to the grease port on the front flange, you can add grease to the actuator regardless of the position of the actuators rod.

1. High maximal and rated force
DA99-D22 is capable of working under harsh conditions providing pressing forces up to 24 kN for dispensing materials of high viscosity. It can also operate with no time limits and pauses with forces as high as 13 kN.

2. High level of control over the dosing process
DA99-D22 is equipped with an encoder of high resolution and has has 2.5 mm roller-screw pitch. It allows very high accuracy of dispensing adhesives that provides excellent quality of the application and economy of the material.

3. Digital nameplate
The absolute encoder on board of DA99-D22 has a feature of “digital nameplate”, so all the actuator parameters are pre-stored in memory for fast and convenient set up of dosing units and possibility of hot swapping of the actuator when necessary.

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